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More Information on Bankruptcy

Pursue a Fresh Start with Laura Eckstein Law

Bankruptcy is a word with a lot of negative connotations. Chances are, you never thought you'd find yourself in this situation and now you're not sure how you will ever get out of it. Fortunately, bankruptcy is an extremely useful lifeline and can help you vastly improve your future.


Our firm views bankruptcy as the chance for a new beginning. We can walk you through what to expect and provide you with well-informed guidance on how to move forward from your present circumstances into a more financially secure future.


Initially, bankruptcy might seem like your last option and one which you are reluctant to pursue. However, it can help you get your bills and your life under control.


Filing for bankruptcy will often stop the following as well:

  • Lawsuits

  • Foreclosure

  • Garnishment

  • Utility shut-offs

  • Car repossessions

  • Some income taxes

  • Phone call harassment

  • Collection agency abuse

  • Driver's license suspensions


Look at bankruptcy as a break from some of these overwhelming debts and aspects of your financial situation so that you have a chance to make some progress in the right direction. It's important to work through your options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Union County. We can explain the benefits and disadvantages of some of the options you might be looking at and help you make a plan to improve your current situation.


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