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At Laura Eckstein Law, we are solely focused on serving your bankruptcy, municipal, and family law needs. Scroll downwards or use the quick-navigate buttons below to learn more.

Why Laura Eckstein Law?

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Personal & hands-on approach

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We treat our clients like family

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Over two decades of experience

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Attorney is also a municipal court judge

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We will fight for you & won't back down



Get Your Fresh Start with Laura Eckstein Law

Chances are, you never thought you'd find yourself in this situation and now you're not sure how you will ever get out of it. Fortunately, bankruptcy is an extremely useful lifeline and can help you vastly improve your future.


Our firm views bankruptcy as the chance for a new beginning. We will walk you through what to expect and provide you with well-informed guidance on how to move forward from your present circumstances into a more financially secure future.

There are two main kinds of consumer bankruptcy, called Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Chapter 7 gets rid of all your dischargeable debt, and Chapter 13 allows for payment of part of your debt over time.


Filing for bankruptcy will often stop the following:

  • Lawsuits

  • Foreclosure

  • Garnishment

  • Utility shut-offs

  • Car repossessions

  • Some income taxes

  • Phone call harassment

  • Collection agency abuse

  • Driver's license suspensions


Look at bankruptcy as a break from some of these overwhelming debts and aspects of your financial situation so that you have a chance to make some progress in the right direction. It's important to work through your options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. We can explain the benefits and disadvantages of some of the options you might be looking at and help you make a plan to improve your current situation.


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  • Social media management

  • Payroll and accounting services

  • Budget/ accounting/ financial advising

  • Counsel meeting representation

  • Confer on human resource issues

  • Long-term and strategic planning

  • Ensure compliance with ever-changing state law

  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Archiving and typing meeting minutes

  • Eminent domain and annexation

Less Stress Starts Here

We offer a unique, one-stop solution for the challenges faced by small cities. For a simple monthly fee, you will have on-demand access to both our Municipal Consultant and our Attorney to give the answers and guidance that you need, when you need them.


Some of the services we offer:

  • Grant writing

  • Legal review and consultation

  • Resolution drafting

  • Policy development

  • Budget support

  • Contract/ lease drafting and review

  • Develop meeting packet and agendas

  • Digitize records and files

  • Upload and maintain Municode

  • Update ordinances

  • Press releases and public relations



Family Law


Family law cases can be some of the most stressful and emotionally draining experiences our clients will go through. When your future and the future of your loved ones are on the line, it's important to partner up with a firm that you can trust to handle the complexities of your case with the care and precision that it deserves.


Laura Eckstein Law passionately advocates on behalf of clients throughout Oregon, Arizona, and Utah in a variety of family law matters. We welcome the opportunity to apply the law to your case and fight for an outcome that is most beneficial to you and your loved ones. While we cannot guarantee the specific outcome of any case, we can guarantee a high level of service backed by a long track record of success. Many different factors will determine how long your case will take to resolve. At Laura Eckstein Law, we have the experience to give you a better estimate once those variables are presented to help resolve your case in an efficient manner without dragging it out needlessly.

Attorney Eckstein is licensed to practice in Oregon, Arizona, and Utah.

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